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"Proof Positive" DVDs
by Neil Nedley, MD

Neil Nedley, MD, clearly demonstrates in each of his DVD messages how our lifestyle choices can either promote health or contribute to disease conditions. He discusses crucial findings on such conditions as cancer, stress, hypertension, mental health, depression and others.

In each of his hope-filled messages, Dr. Nedley shares numberous findings from the latest scientific research that help us understand about disease conditions, their causes, and measures we can take to fight against them.

Whether you have a disease and want to find out practical ways to slow, halt and even reverse it's progress, or you want to protect against getting it in the first place, Dr Nedley's messages provide "Proof Positive"answers and hope! He combines these revealing scientific findings with biblical evidence and professional insight as a practicing physician, to give a balanced and comprehensive perspective.

Audiences love Dr. Nedley's no nonsense practical teaching style, combined with his sincere interest in people. Each of his lectures are packed with color-rich informative graphics for each point that help tremendously in the learning process.

Neil Nedley, MD
Nedley Health DVDs...

$25 USD each DVD.
$99 USD any 5.

"Good News About Cancer"
In this message, Dr Nedley shares the good news about lifestyle principles that will encourage prevention, stop progression, and sometimes even result in reversal and ultimate cure of cancer. He also discusses choices we make that can lead to the disease condition and promote it's advancement. This message is very revealing and provides practical insights on how to take ownership of fighting against cancer.
"Depression: The Way Out"
This message provides a hope-filled summary of the information found in his book, "Depression: The Way Out". He shares that there is an increasingly large percentage of people that actually have depression but don't know it, particularly in the wealthier countries. This message discusses 10 "hit categories", which if you have 4 or more of these "hits" in your life then you likely have depression yourself. With the discussion of each hit category, Dr. Nedley shares promising approaches to combat these hits and minimize their impact, leading to recovery from this prevalent and debilitating disease.
"Renewing The Mind: The Frontal Lobe"
In this special message, Dr Nedley explains how various lifestyle choices can cloud our judgement and influence our behavior. He focuses specifically on the frontal lobe of the brain, which is the "seat of our morality, spirituality & the will". He takes a broad-spectrum approach to investigate many influences within our control that effect the health of our frontal lobe in either a positive or negative fashion, such as nutrition, drugs, music, exercise, and sleep patterns, as well as activities like hypnosis, watching TV, and reading the Bible.
"Coping With Stress Naturally"
In this message we learn various strategies that help us cope with stress in natural ways. Dr. Nedley explains that a moderate amount of a certain type of stress can be good for us, but that the majority of stress experienced today is not. He discusses how adequate levels of serotonin & melatonin are critical for our health, and discusses several natural remedies to help manage the stress in our lives, as well as reducing cholesterol, blood pressure, risk of heart rhythm problems.
"Why A Health Message? Healing the Right Arm"
In this special message, Dr Nedley investigates why the topic of health is important to all of us, and particularly why it is important to the Christian. He shares, from a combination of both scientific and Biblical perspectives, why we should be concerned with the health of our body, mind & soul. This is a spiritual message, rooted deeply in Biblical truth and reinforced by scientific findings.

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